Pet Preservation

We will mount any animal big, small, domestic, exotic, or even your beloved pets.  We know what the loss of a pet can feel like.  Our pets can become a part of our family; therefore, it can be a very difficult decision to bury or cremate them.  There is another option called freeze drying. This process is different than traditional taxidermy.  Traditional taxidermy takes the hide of an animal and adheres it to a 3-dimensional form.  With freeze drying, we will put your whole pet inside the chamber to preserve its natural state.  This process involves a very low temperature and a vacuum inside the chamber to take all the liquid and moisture out of the animal.  This will prevent any decay from occurring and enable your pet to stay in its original size and shape of the pose you choose. 

Your pet will need to be placed in a sealed plastic bag and frozen soon after it passes.  A lot of times your vet can help with this.  It can then be dropped off or shipped to us.  Please call us for instructions on how to ship or with any questions you may have.  We all wish our pets could stay with us forever. Through the use of freeze drying, we can preserve your pet for a lifetime.